Park rules

We hope you will enjoy your day at Funny-World


  1. Parking

    The rules and symbols of the Road Traffic Act also applies to our parking place. In addition the instructions of our staff have to be followed. Please park your vehicle only within the marked parking areas. If you don't and block the traffic we have to tow it away at your own risk and expense.

    Parking is free of charge. When leaving your car, please make sure that all doors, windows, the boot and the sunroof are closed and locked and that you haven't any valuables in clear view inside the vehicle.

    We aren't liable for damage due to storm, hail, explosion, fire or damage by others. The exclusion of liability for compensation doesn't apply when the damage is caused grossly negligent or intentionally by employees of Funny-World. Compensation can only be paid if damage is reported to our staff before leaving the park (if reasonable).

  2. Sticker

    In remembrance to your visit in Funny-World we will glue a sticker on your rear window. If you don't like this sticker please place a notice behind the windscreen, or we assume that you agree with gluing that sticker.

  1. Entrance

    The entrance to the amusement park is just allowed with valid admission tickets.  The park visitors have to keep the ticket during their stay in the park and if the staff requests it it must be shown to them. The daily tickets and family tickets are just valid on the date of purchase (Except the annual season-ticket). Entrance authority ends if the visitors leave the amusement park. If re-entry into the park is required, the visitors have to obtain an appropriate handstamp, which ist o be received at the entrance. Annual season-tickets are valid 1 year from the first redeeming. They are not transferable. With loss or damage oft he annual season-ticket we issue a new one against a fee of 2,00 €. People who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be refused the entrnce or may be expelled from the park site.

  2. General safety regulations

    1. Dogs are allowed, but must be kept on a leash. In addition a doog poop bag is necessary and dog poop is to remove. Otherwise dog owners may be expelled from the park site.

    2. The fire service regulations in the park site must be followed at all times. It isn't allowed to make a fire.

    3. Visitors aren't allowed to leave the marked paths and areas.

    4. It Isn't allowed to carry weapons and offensive items (pirstols, knives, chukle-dusters etc.) within the park site.

    5. Visitors have to act on staff's orders.

    6. To make lots of noise, portable radios and cassette recorders aren't allowed if they are loud.

  3. Using the attractions and establishments in the amusement park

    Please observe the operating instructions of the establishment of Funny-World. Also you have to observe the instructions of the staff. If you deliberately flout the instructins, the operating staff may prevent you using the attractions without any compensation. This also applies if you press yourself to the front of a queue. You are responsible for all malicious damage.

    Please note that the delivery and consumption of food and drinks by delivery services on the entire Funny World site is not permitted. Food and beverages from home may be taken for granted.

  4. Using playgrounds

    Playground equpment, grassed areas and similar facilities is available for use at your own risk.

  5. Obligatory supervision

    We would like to point out all parents and group leaders that they have duty to supervise their charges since we cannot release them from this duty. Parents and group leaders are therefore responsible for any damage caused by the persons in their charge.

  6. Restriction of liability

    We only assume liability for damage caused by the amlice or gross negligence of our staff in particular we can't accept any liability for items brought into the park by visitors.

  7. Filming and photography for publicity purposes

    It is possible that we take a photo or a video recording without any advance notice. It is possible that we publish a photo of you. If you don`t want photos or film recordings of yourself inform our staff before entering Funny-World. If you don't take this step we will assume that we may use such photographs or recordings free of any charge.


  8. Advertisement and sale of products and services

    Advertisment within the area of Funny-World including the parking area, as well as the sale of products and services is only permitted with a prior written consent of the management. This also applies for conducting public opinion polls and taking counts.


  9. Damage reports

    All facilities in the amusement park are maintained and supervised carefully. Nevertheless, if you suffer any damage or injury which isn't due to your own fault please report this to the information desk before leaving the amusement park. Complaints for compensation will not be accepted if you report your damage after leaving the park, even if this is reasonable.

  10. Park rules

    Funny-World is entitled to expel from the park every person who violates the above mentioned rules or who has entered the amusement park without a valid entrance ticket.


We wish you a carefree and unforgettable stay. Have lots of enjoyment in the amusement park Funny-World.

Funny World