Welcome to the Funny-World Family Amusement Park


Funny-World is a family amusement park specially designed for children from up to 12 years at Kappel-Grafenhausen. Visit us all year round with your family and friends. We have more than 50 rides and attractions, a 1700 square meter indoor hall, restaurants, swimming pool and lot more interesting attractions. 

All attractions are open all year round! You can find out more about our opening hours here.

We are full of fun activities in every weather!

---In the rainy season---

Our 1700 m² indoor hall “Tortuga Kinderland” offers a lot of games for the toddlers including ball pool, hopping castles, climbing scaffolds, trampolines, slides, rides and many more. All those rides will keep you and your children busy for hours.  Our cafeteria and coffeeshop will help you to take a break with coffee, homemade crêpes or fresh waffles.

---In summer---

If the heat is unbearable, our water world is prepared with big Mountain Splash, paddle boat, bumper boat and many more attractions to make sure that the kids are still having their fun as well as the parents.

---In winter---

Winter season allows us to arrange a lot of indoor activities for our guests at Funny-World. Children workshop is the highlight of the program without any doubt. It is full of fun yet based on the opportunity to show the kids how to learn constructively. Besides, Santa Claus never misses to stop by at us in any winter. Giant bear, gigantic glass made ball full of continuous snow fall for snapping a collectible photo of friends and family- and a lot other attractive options are open at ours in winter!

---Here everyone is welcome---

We have a wide range of offers suiting people up to 99 years. However, our park is originally created for children from 0 to 12 years. We have family tickets, tickets for friends, yearly tickets and three different packages for your kids' birthday celebration.

--- "Big kids" are also allowed to have fun---

Not only the toddlers can play at Funny-World, but also the parents and their friends can! We have taken care of that side as well. Therefore, we are the unique and special than any other family amusement park in Germany. We are very environment-friendly and based on the concept of self-service. Please read the instruction before operating the rides. Please follow our waste management policy. Become the hero on the eyes of your children.

Special note: as the Funny-World is the only amusement park in the region with an indoor hall that is open all year round (except for a two-week long inspection break every year), it is also a good idea to buy our yearly ticket and enjoy the time with kids in a family-friendly atmosphere for the whole time (says our regular yearly members).

What's new at Funny-World on this July?

We have started a new frozen dessert counter where the guests can buy ice cream in scoops. Famous French ice cream brand “Eiscream Carte d´Or” is serving their delightful ice delicacies at Funny World from this July!

In the near future you can discover the following new attractions at Funny-World:

1) A brand new beach themed indoorhall with a lot of new games, a new snack bar, and toilets. 

2) A lot more new games for toddlers including Montessori at the park.

3) A spanking new XXL sized Princess Giant Slide

4) A huge spring-burg Paw Patrol


Furthermore, we have been managing all waste separately in the park since the begining of 2018. Fifty recycling stations are installed at the park on this purpose. Each of the stations has three different bins for three different types of regular waste that can be produced at an amusement park. The types and corresponding bins are expalined with infographical direction.

We actually would like to appeal to our guests, that we are working on a great working environmental wastage policy and we need your help to reach at our goal on this matter. We would like to ask all the guests to follow our direction without any doubt. Please know that we are fully committed to the betterment of our one and only lovely little beautiful world! Sustainability is not just another word for us, we believe and act on it! We love to consider us as highly committed to ensure a better future for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  

Consequently, on our quest to ensure a better and organic waste management policy, we have replaced the usage of disposable cockeries, plastic and paper-made cutleries, plates and cups to be specific with porcelain crockeries. This is because we want to make sure the most recycled use of all available resources. However, we provide disposable crockeries on special cases such as if someone wants to have a coffee-to-go or something like that. 

Regardless of the great requirement of effort and commitment to keep our strict waste management respectively the entire amusement park management policy up to a top-notch level, we are very happy that the majority of our works are being praised by the most of our guests all over the internet. We are really working hard to set the seal on the pioneer of quality waste management at amusement parks.  As mentioned earlier, many of you have appreciated us. Thank you very much for your thoughtful yet sweet and soothing words as well as every type of comments! We confirm that we are taking all your reviews seriously, and working each and every day to the betterment of our facility according to those. 

Thanks again for being with us. Looking forward to have you more.

That's what our guests say about us

Dear guests and dear parents,

We are very happy to know from you, that we are on a good way since 01.12.2017. It is pleasure to read your appreciative and constructive reviews. 

It encourages us to strive for quality, safety, friendliness, sustainability, environmental protection through our work. Together we will build a place where we all will have only heavenly memories for our friends and family members, and provide an outstanding example of being a careful human to our offsprings. 

Thank you very much for your excellent ratings. Looking forward to more reviews as well as recommendations and candid stories of your visiting experience.


Team Funny-World

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