Welcome to the Funny-World Family Amusement Park

Funny-World is a family amusement park specially designed for children from up to 12 years at Kappel-Grafenhausen. Visit us all year round with your family and friends. We have more than 50 rides and attractions, a 1700 square meter indoor hall, restaurants, swimming pool and lot more interesting attractions. 

All attractions are open all year round! You can find out more about our opening hours here.

As the Funny-World is the only amusement park in the region with an indoor hall that is open all year round (except for a two-week long inspection break every year), it is also a good idea to buy our yearly ticket and enjoy the time with kids in a family-friendly atmosphere for the whole time (says our regular yearly members). 



Our friendliness towards environment will make you to feel a contributory children of the nature

Funny-World has been an amusement park for families with children for 20 years. As we want to provide the service for 10, 20, 40 and 100 more years, we should looking for a change towards the environment today.

For more than a year now, we've been following standard waste separating rule in our park. That means we throw paper-waste in paper baskets and bio-waste in the corresponding baskets. We also hardly use plastic dishes any more. Rather providing reuseable culeries makes us feel better but we request to the guests to bring those back to the counters once they are done using. 

All of these things are in order to improve the future of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, we would like to make a contribution. Help us too! Take part and separate the garbage with us.

Besides, coffee tastes better from the porcelain cup too!

Is it possible to continue like this? Let us know what you think about "environmental protection".

 Nachhaltigkeit Funny-World Freizeitpark

That's what our guests say about us

Dear guests and dear parents,

We are very happy to know from you, that we are on a good way since 01.12.2017. It is pleasure to read your appreciative and constructive reviews. 

It encourages us to strive for quality, safety, friendliness, sustainability, environmental protection through our work. Together we will build a place where we all will have only heavenly memories for our friends and family members, and provide an outstanding example of being a careful human to our offsprings. 

Thank you very much for your excellent ratings. Looking forward to more reviews as well as recommendations and candid stories of your visiting experience.


Team Funny-World

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