Waste disposal & recycling policy

Our contribution to the environment

We are up to ensure a safe and secured environment for our children in future. Previously we had a lot of paper and plastic based waste-arrangements, such as, paper-cups or plastic made plates and spoons. However, the recycling is not easy for paper and plastic made stuffs and therefore, we have moved into renewable waste development system. That is why now we have cup and plates made of glass and silverwares made of steel. Regardless all of our nature-preserving initiatives it is true that the Funny-World produces a significant amount of waste every year. We want to make sure that those wastes are properly processed. This is why we have waste bags, bins, and boxes all over the park with instruction of which waste belongs to where. Please follow the instructions while you are visiting the Funny-World and help us making our world a better place by contributing actively to this noble intention. We are looking forward to your cooperation in waste management at the Funny-World.

Please also help us to separate waste correctly so that the raw materials can be returned to the recycling system. Think about our planet and the future of your children!

Please do not hesitate to ask our employees if you are still not sure about what to do with the waste or if you have any other questions.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Your Funny-World Team


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