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Overview, History and Location

The family amusement park Funny-World is located right at the foot of the Taubergießen nature reserve in Germany. The park has been providing international quality entertainment since 1999 particularly to children up to 12 years and their parents. Consequently it has been awarded with great recommendations by the amusement park regulatory authority of Germany. The amusement park is open all year round with a couple of short renovation and inspection break at the begining of summer and winter seasons every year.
In order to cheer the rainy days and the snowy days of the year up with exciting indoor activities, the park has an almost 2000m² sized indoor hall, where children can take part on many inddor games and activities. The indoor hall is built on pirate theme and equipped with coffee bar and restaurant. As attraction for the children there are many exciting and innovative rides and games, for instance, Jungle Expedition, Star of the Caribbean, Dancing Whale, Black Pearl etc. Once inside, the children have options to choose between enjoying the games or planning adventures on conquering the treasure world under the mediterranean sea because the indoor hall is built on that way.
On the summer days we recommend the visitors to pack the bathing suits of their children and bring those because, the water world of Funny World amusement park awaits children to cool them off when the sun is on fire! The water world in Funny World is designed for the children only which means it is only 30 centimeter deep and adults are not allowed to step in. The water slides are created by the shape of giant anacondas, nonetheless those are a lot more friendly than the real anacondas with no doubt! our guests say, enjoying a cool drink by sitting right beside the pool and watching the children playing there have always been making them happy!



The restaurant El Toro offers delicious and inexpensive lunch and finger foods and drinks to the visitors such as, hamburger, french fries, currywurst, ice-cream, soda, beer, mineral water and many more. The visitors can chose to sit inside or outside as per their own wish. We also have clear direction of the waste management system all over the park which is very easy to follow. Therefore, enjoying lunch or a meal in the park ensures nothing but satisfaction and fulfillment only.

Rides and Attractions

nbsp]There are more than 50 self operable rides and attractions at Funny World. The Mexican horse ride, a rail-guided self-service ride for children and adults, naver fails to create a holiday atmosphere to our guests. The Mexican whirlwind, which can accommodate up to 3 wheelchairs and 6 people, is another exciting and unforgettable ride.
The absolute highlight of the park is the wild "Mexican Post" through the desert for up to four adults. Besides, the Flying Sombrero has been also on the top of our visitor's interest. Another exciting yet adequate ride for the children is Mexican desert frog track , which shoots the toddlers on a pool from a reasonable height. 
For the "braver" ones, there are attractions such as the Big Mountain Splash catapult boats, where you can sit on the boat and be shot over the water or the spinning cannonball. This is where you get the ball rolling! The Sky Diver, a cable car at lofty heights, takes you high up. From here you can enjoy the view of the park particularly well.
Additionally, you can experience mind blowing circus, daring acrobats, dangerous predators, funny clowns and exciting electronic animal trainings with the whole family and friends by visiting our circus world with the Funnyfantenbahn or the Cirkus Eisenbahn at Funny World. Funnyfantenbahn and the Cirkus Eisenbahn are two train rides for the children.
Many other attractions such as the small children's area with its own playgrounds, ball pools, water playground, spring castles, small children's playground, children's giant bike, action playground, children's waterway, bumper boat etc. are also really well-maintained and aimed to ensure the collection of a memorable day at Funny World. 

Tickets and booking prices

Funny World offers multiple type of tickets suited for visitors with differnt frequency and number of members. To know all about our ticket offers as well book online please visit the link below:
Price and Booking Information
It is possible to pay all the fees at the park as well. We accept cash, EC cards and credits card except the American Express. 
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