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Do you want to have a cool day?

Come and explore our water worlds, Musketeer!

FUNNY-WORLD is not an ordinary amusement park. We offer activities all year round, whatever the weather, for the perfect family day out.

When the weather is nice and warm or even very warm, everyone dreams of going to the swimming pool or a water park to cool off and have a good time with their children!

Here in FUNNY-WORLD you can combine everything: In addition to a large 1700 m2 Indoor Play Ground, we also have an outdoor area with more than 50 attractions, including many water attractions.

In FUNNY-WORLD you are on holiday, for a day or for your whole life, no matter where you come from, if you are passing through or if you live nearby, we are not far from Offenburg (20 min.), from Freiburg (35 min.), from Kehl (30 min.), from Karlsruhe (60 min.)...

Check out the water attractions listed below waiting for you, and don't forget to buy your ticket online.




In FUNNY-WORLD we understand that parents like to relax in the shade, sit with friends or family, read a book or just enjoy the time, while children prefer to play, run, jump, slide, splash, make friends and do many other activities.




Age: no age restriction
Price: 1 € per tour
Open during rainy weather
Max. 2 persons per boat
This is the most popular attraction for children and a classic in amusement parks.

The little captains will learn how to pilot a motorised boat. Laughter is guaranteed.
Using the same principle as bumper cars - only on water - your child can chase others and collide with them.
Ship ahoy - all aboard! Be the captain and conquer the oceans



So that all interests can be reconciled, we have set up the children's water park in FUNNY-WORLD.

It is the most popular place in summer. Parents and children like it very much.

It's a water park with water games, ideal for the kids to cool off when the parents don't feel like putting on swimwear (but they still can)!

Our children's water park is a refreshing, manageable area with a pool with 4 slides and water splashes!

The water world is open to all who wear a swimming costume.

A swim nappy is compulsory for children under 3 years old (available in the Dona Helena shop in case you forget).



We promise you a great family day out, especially on a hot day or in the heat.

Our area is suitable for children between 0 and 12 years, so everyone gets their money's worth. It is located between the indoor Tortuga Kinderland, the Dona Helena gift shop and our self-service restaurant El Torro.

Our water pool is an ideal pool for children and babies. The water is about 30 centimetres deep and the space is about 100 m2 (11 metres by 9 metres).

So it's a place that makes it easy to keep the children under supervision! Of course, the children remain under the responsibility of their parents or adult companions.




Speed: up to 40 km/h
Jump:  up to 6 metres wide free flight
Age: for children from 10 years and adults 
Payload: max. 90 kg
Minimum age of users: 10 years
Minimum height of users:     125 cm
Lift speed: 0.8 m/s
Height: 8.44 m
The only free-flying ride in the world.
This is a boat that pulls you up and you free fall down into the water.
Make sure you don't get wet!
Load capacity: max. 30 kg

Yes, Funny-World is all about fun and sport. The parents pedal to pull the waterfall upwards.

Then the brake is released and PLOUF!!!

It's like Big Mountain Splash, only smaller and with more sport.

Yes, at Funny-World amusement park you can have fun and exercise at the same time. While the parents pedal to pull the frog up, the adrenaline rises in the hearts of the little pirates. 

Then the adults pull the handbrake and the frog falls into the water in free fall! Splash! Laughter is guaranteed!!!




Payload: max. 60 kg
Age: suitable for children from 3 to 8 years old




It's the same principle as pedal boats, except that the children move the boat with the power of their arms.

The little ones have a blast in the water here. 

Our little captains are in their own boat, driven by paddle wheels in manual mode is skilfully manoeuvred through the children's knee-high water in the Basin.

Muscle power is what counts here. The little pirates already pull their parents when they see the little boats. There is no chance that mum or dad will refuse and help to move the boat forward, because the boats are only for children. Children who have learned to ride a bike will have an easier time than younger children. There are other little captains in their boats in the pool. Keep your eyes open and try to steer the boat skilfully - sometimes you have to pedal backwards.

And if your kids get wet on the ocean crossing, you can find a change of clothes at the gift shop, let your child dry in the sun at one of the many designated rest areas, or let them run wild at the other attractions in the park.

Remember to bring spare clothes from home.

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